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Risk Management Made Simple
Create and control strategic risk management policies, translating defined corporate business risk limitations into a quantifiable and measurable trading policy. CompuHedge formed a partnership with BDO in 2014 in order to create a synergy between the business, accounting (Hedge accounting) and regulatory consultancy targeted at the senior executive level, and its computerized integration by the operational level. If you are a CFO, Treasurer or CRO, whether of a small company hedging $3,000,000 a year or of a large multinational corporation, you can't afford without CompuHedge!
  • 9 integrated units provide comprehensive coverage of the currency-risk management process
  • Distribute permissions across users to protect risk-management process
  • Easily create management and auditor reports
  • Secure web-based system for unlimited access from any location
  • Simplifies compliance with regulatory requirements like SOX, and Hedge accounting with IFRS and US GAAP
  • Cost efficient - error prevention mechanism, paperless, reduced execution and trading costs
  • Powerful senior management tool gives built in support for multi-national hierarchies and subsidiaries
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