CompuHedge Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy applies to the website and any other products or services offered by CompuHedge, including the software suite (collectively, the "Services").
  1. Your Personal Information
  2. When you register to receive CompuHedge Services, you provide CompuHedge with identifiable information relating to you or your business (names of registered users, address, phone number, email address, role in company, etc. and when you use CompuHedge Services, you automatically provide us with additional information such as your IP address, preferences and transactions. Such information, in the event that it is not publicly available and that you do not ask us to publish it, shall hereinafter be referred to as "Personal Information". It is your duty to provide us with accurate and complete Personal Information and to update your Personal Information whenever necessary.

    CompuHedge will, as an integral part of its Services and operation, collect and store your Personal Information (on computers/servers owned by or on behalf of CompuHedge. CompuHedge will use commercially reasonable efforts to protect all Personal Information as confidential and will use it and deliver it to third parties only in compliance with the terms of this Privacy Policy and, for registered users of CompuHedge products and Services, the applicable CompuHedge Software License Agreement 

    CompuHedge may, from time to time and at its sole discretion, revise and update this Privacy Policy. Any material updates or revisions will be prominently displayed on CompuHedge's web site (typically at along with a link to the updated "Privacy Policy". CompuHedge may also provide certain services under a different privacy policy which will be clearly indicated when registering for or using that Service.

  3. CompuHedge Usage of Personal Information
  4. We will not rent, sell or share your Personal Information other than as specified in this Privacy Policy.

    We may use the Personal Information we collect to improve our Services. By using CompuHedge's Services you agree that CompuHedge may use the Personal Information for research and analysis purposes, to contact you, to provide additional Services, to personalize and customize the Services you use and the content you receive to ensure the quality of our Services and, in an anonymous manner, in preparation of reports to our third-party providers or clients.

  5. Third-Party Providers
  6. CompuHedge provides Services using, among other things, various third-party content or software providers. You acknowledge that such third-party providers may require CompuHedge to transfer certain personal information as a prerequisite to providing the Services to a CompuHedge user. Therefore by choosing to register for a Service, you consent that CompuHedge may  deliver your Personal Information to the third-party provider; though CompuHedge does not control your Personal Information once it has been delivered to a third-party provider, CompuHedge will not deliver such information without the reasonable assurance that the provider will use the information only to the extent necessary to enable CompuHedge to provide the Service.

    You also agree that when CompuHedge considers it preferable for CompuHedge or for you to obscure your Personal Information, CompuHedge may do so. For example, CompuHedge may choose a non-comprehensible username and password for your subscription to third-party services via CompuHedge.

  7. Confidential Content
  8. The following will apply to customers who have registered for a CompuHedge Service by entering into a CompuHedge Software License Agreement ("Registered Users"):

    Certain CompuHedge services allow for your business's financial data, activities, policies and other information (collectively, the "Confidential Content") to be entered electronically, saved or otherwise uploaded onto computers/servers owned by or on behalf of CompuHedge. CompuHedge acknowledges the sensitivity of this information. CompuHedge may use such Confidential Content solely to improve the Services and provide service to the Registered User. CompuHedge will protect its confidentiality and will not, without the Registered User's permission, disclose it to any third party other than CompuHedge's agents, employees and representatives and on a need-to-know basis; CompuHedge may, however, retain one electronic and one paper copy of the Confidential Content for purposes of monitoring the Registered User's compliance with the applicable Software License Agreement. "Confidential Content" does not include information which (i) is or subsequently becomes publicly available without a breach by CompuHedge of any obligation owed to the Registered User or otherwise, (ii) is disclosed to CompuHedge without restriction on disclosure by a third party who had the lawful right to disclose such information, (iii) CompuHedge can demonstrate was independently developed without reliance on or reference to any Registered User's information, or (iv) is required to be disclosed by law or court order, provided that CompuHedge notifies the Registered User of such requirement and assists said user in canceling or minimizing the potential disclosure.

  9. Disclosure of Personal Information.
  10. In addition to the provisions of the previous section, CompuHedge may deliver your Personal Information to third parties under the following circumstances:

    • If obliged by any applicable law or regulation, if ordered by a court of competent jurisdiction, or to protect CompuHedge's legal interests;

    • In the event necessary, in our opinion and as required or permitted by law, in order to protect against imminent harm to the rights, property or safety of CompuHedge, our third-party providers and business partners, our users, or the public; and

    • Provision of Personal Information to third parties such as contractors and agents providing services to CompuHedge or on behalf of CompuHedge under a confidentiality agreement or under another agreement which includes privacy provisions. While such third parties will use the Personal Information to provide services to CompuHedge or to provide you with services on behalf of CompuHedge, such third parties will not have the right to use the Personal Information for other purposes or otherwise share the Personal Information.

  11. Credit Card or Payment Information.
  12. For certain Services and to finalize transactions, we will request your credit card or other payment account information ("Credit Information") which we will maintain in a secure server or in encrypted form. Although certain Services you may wish to use will require the transfer of your Credit Information to third parties, we will not provide your Credit Information to any third party unless and until specifically authorized by you to do so.

  13. Cookies.
  14. A cookie is a piece of data stored on your computer that may contain information about you, your computer, your browser, your actions on the web, etc. We may set and access cookies on your computer to improve our Services by, among other things, storing your preferences, your password if you ask us to do so, and a record of which physical computers you use.

    The third-party providers and advertisers we work with may also use cookies and we will allow them to set and access cookies on your computer. We have no control over such third-party providers’ use of cookies and we encourage you to review the privacy policy and reputation of such third-party providers before you choose to use their services and to make your own assessment of the value and risks of using those services.

  15. Solicitation, Collection, Usage and Disclosure of Personal Information of Children.

    CompuHedge will never knowingly request, collect, use and/or disclose personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 13 without prior verifiable parental consent. If we receive actual knowledge that a user or visitor to CompuHedge is under the age of 13, we will remove all personally identifiable information about that person from our files. In addition, we offer parents reasonable access to information collected from their children, including the opportunity to correct or remove such information.