CompuHedge. The only complete FX Risk Management Solution

An automated financial exposure and hedging management platform for financial teams.

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About CompuHedge

The company's platform consists of a complete financial exposure and hedging software solution for organizations.

CompuHedge automates the management of complicated financial instruments. This reduces time and even more importantly creates controls on the entire business process. Indeed, the CompuHedge platform is one of the most advanced currency risk management systems available.

It has plenty of capabilities, including business intelligence capabilities for quick identification and understanding of foreign exchange exposures.

The system, in continuous development since 2005, is used by some of the largest and most sophisticated entities in Israel and abroad.

CompuHedge Services

We offer the following services.

Positions management

Plan and create new positions/strategies.

Close positions intelligently.

Manage your derivatives portfolio.

Back Office services including OCR of Bank Confirmations.

Valuation and Hedge Accounting

Many CFOs avoid hedge accounting because it is too difficult to comply with. But with CompuHedge, it's easy to manage disclosures and optimize accounting treatment. CompuHedge simplifies valuations and accounting to minimize the headache of meeting derivative and hedge accounting regulatory compliance, by producing automatic documentation and effectiveness tests following a controlled process.

Exposures Management

Identify and quantify FX exposures.

Manage FX risks across global subsidiaries.

Derivatives are attached to exposures using a flexible, customized interface.


Produce Managerial, Analytical, Regulatory and Hedge Accounting Reports.

Save reports in the system for viewing later.


Define your hedge ranges. Track compliance with policy in real time. Optimize your multi-currency policy in accordance with each company's tailored guidelines.

CompuHedge Advantages

One of the company's unique advantages is the design of its infrastructure which links between the financial exposure and the trade created to handle the exposure.

CompuHedge Customers

The company's clients range from mid-size organizations to the biggest multinationals
with global treasury operations. CompuHedge has years of partnership
with financial teams and accountants from the
most sophisticated Israeli corporations.

CompuHedge Team

Meet the CompuHedge Team

Hezi Dimant


Uri Shacham

Chief Operations Officer

Teniel Gordon

Chief Development Officer

Ariel Dimant

Business Development

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