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Tactical Planner
[email protected] is composed of nine units:

Exposure Unit: Establishes a time-based framework for corporate hedging policies. By creating exposure groups using [email protected]'s Tree Structure, policy decisions are put into context, as they are slotted one by one into the tree matrix.

Policy Unit: Builds a set of control Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), reflecting the risk exposure of the company and the risk appetite of company's management.

Positions and Risk Manager: Manages current derivative portfolios and the end-result created by adding the derivative portfolios to the existing financial exposure.

Portfolio Compliance Control: Near real-time monitoring of the current derivative portfolio measuring compliance with the published policy and current risk exposure vs. market conditions. Helps fulfill compliance with IFRS, US GAAP, IAS 39, FASS 133 and FAS 157

Dynamic Scenario Generator: Uses historic analysis and future-oriented stress testing to provide reliable year-end financial predictions according to current fiscal policy.

Tactical Planning and Execution: Plans and executes new derivative trades in order to guarantee portfolio compliance to pre-determined corporate policy.

Home-Alerts and Case Manager: Manages all alerts generated by the Portfolio Compliance Control to ensure timely response.

Financial Reporting: Provides reports similar to those required by regulatory bodies and based upon current accounting standards. These reports facilitate the company's creation of official regulatory reports.

Administration: Control user permissions and general administration of the system from this unit.